Tips for the Ultimate Bathroom Remodel

If you’re about to transform a bathroom in your home into a more modern, more comfortable space, then you have an unending litany of design choices ahead. Where do you get started? Well, since the possibilities are endless, we’ve cataloged a few design tips that you can employ to get started. And, if you live here in the Charlotte area, you can always count on First Quality Interiors to help you “break ground” on your new bathroom project with a flooring installation. Here is our advice to create the ultimate bathroom:

Start With Flooring

As flooring specialists, we’re a bit biased about this one, but a great place to start with your remodel is with your floors. After all, this is the one element of your bathroom that is most likely to stick around for decades on end — you can always repaint the walls or retile the shower. So, let’s start with the flooring of your upcoming project. First thing’s first, you should consider options that are highly waterproof. Since you’ll have steam rolling out of your shower alongside the occasional wet footprint, it’s important to ensure that your floors are built to handle a bit of moisture. That’s why we steer folks away from hardwood floors, and you should never use carpet in your bathroom (that’s just gross!). Instead, consider installing laminate flooring (you can find loads of laminate products that mimic the look of hardwood), or luxury vinyl tile (which is affordable, looks great, and performs perfectly around water).

Once you’ve settled on your material of choice, you should weigh your color and texture options. You might opt to install a dark laminate floor to embolden the white cabinets you plan on installing. Or perhaps you’ll opt for a neutral grey vinyl tile that compliments the pale blues, organic greens, and earthy browns that you’ll be using for the tiling, fixtures, cabinetry, and countertops of your bathroom. The options here are limitless, but it’s always a wise idea to start your project by picking a few flooring options that you like, and then considering components that match the floors of your newly transformed bathroom.

Think Timeless

While we all get the creative itch, it’s smart to implement design components that are timeless throughout your bathroom. So, while you may be tempted to go with gaudy pink tiles and wallpaper to envelope your bathroom, you might want to think twice — after all, you may end up selling your home down the line and it can prove difficult to find a buyer who shares the same tastes as you. Instead of picking your favorite colors, patterns, and options that strike you as desirable in the heat of the moment, consider choosing more timeless options.

For example, while bronze fixtures were all the rage a few decades ago, they’ve fallen out of fashion. Instead, stick with timeless colors and materials. You can opt for stainless steel fixtures, marble countertops, and neutral tones throughout your bathroom to ensure that it remains tasteful.

Match All Components

When you’re browsing around for the fixtures and facets of your new bathroom, its best to match all of your components. While you don’t have to exactly “match” the colors and textures of each component of your bathroom, it will prove worthwhile to make sure each component works well with the next. If you’re starting with charcoal grey luxury vinyl tile flooring, for instance, then you can pair those darker floors with sleek white cabinets, a simple vanity, stainless steel spouts and fixtures, and neutral toned tiles.

Or, if you’re going with a light-colored laminate wood flooring, you can highlight that natural look with a slate-tile shower, a simple, porcelain sink, and wood cabinets. Collect samples of each of the components that you plan on using in your bathroom, and line them up against one another to see if they make a tasteful assemblage.

Consider Your Lighting

It’s easy to forget how lighting will affect your bathroom. Consider how your bathroom will look both during the day and at night. If you have windows or skylights, consider how much natural light will flood your bathroom, and how that light will look against all of the components that you’ve selected. Also, be mindful that while your bathroom will be well-lit during the day if you have lots of windows throughout the space, you will lose all of that lighting at night.

Consider how much manmade lighting you’ll have before you begin your renovation. You should have sufficient lighting to make your bathroom feel spacious, instead of dark or dingy. That said, too much lighting can be overbearing. Opt for warm lighting that is well-spread throughout your bathroom, and consider a dimmer or multiple light zones if you’ll be balancing natural and manmade light.

Modern Features

These days, bathrooms can be outfitted with all sorts of additional features and comforts. Consider installing a steam shower, a bidet, heated floors, and a fan that is set on a timer to make your bathroom as convenient and comfortable as possible. These days, folks cherish these additional features, and they can prove to transform an ordinary bathroom into a space to relax, escape, clean up, or get composed for the day. Plus, if you should ever place your home on the market, potential home buyers will love the added value that you get from your modernized bathroom.

Maximize Space

If you have a small bathroom, you should make efforts to maximize the space. First of all, you should consider the layout of fixtures throughout your bathroom. Organize your counter space, toilet, bath and/or shower, sinks, and storage space so that your bathroom is highly accessible, yet clean. Also, consider installing a large vanity mirror to open up the space of your room — a well-placed, good-sized mirror can effectively double the look of the size of your bathroom. Similarly, you can install glass walls if you’re building in a shower to your bathroom, since these see-through walls will make the space feel more open. If you’re installing storage, make sure that you have enough space to store all of the towels and toiletries that you’ll want to keep handy, yet you don’t want to overwhelm your space with so much storage that it takes away from the openness of your space. Finally, consider using materials and components that are lighter colored, since your bathroom will feel less enclosed and more breathable.

Start on Solid Ground With First Quality Interiors

If you’re ready to get your project started, we’re here to install new floors in the bathroom you’re renovating. We can also help you to pick out the best flooring materials to suit your remodel. Again, we provide flooring installation services for folks throughout Charlotte, and we’d be happy to help you with your upcoming renovation — feel free to schedule a free floor measure today!