Tips to Match Your Flooring With Your Home

If you’re looking for the best flooring aesthetic to match the interior of your home, you may be at a loss — after all, there are a handful of flooring materials to choose from, and there are thousands of designs available from flooring manufacturers around the globe. So where do you start? Well, if you’re overwhelmed at the limitless potential for your upcoming flooring installation, we’re here with the advice you’ll need to make your first step. And, as always, you can count on us if you need further advice about an upcoming flooring installation. First Quality Interiors proudly provides flooring installation services for folks throughout Charlotte, and we’d be happy to help you settle on the perfect flooring style for your abode. Here are a few design tips that you can mull over as you begin your search for the right flooring option — we’ve broken down our advice room by room, so you can rest assured that you’ve found the best flooring designs for your whole home:

Function First

Before we jump in, let’s go over a quick general tip that you can employ to ensure that your flooring proves to be ideal. First thing’s first, you should consider the function of the spaces of your home, before you take a look at flooring design options out there. For instance, consider the bathrooms of your house; with a shower, sink, tub, and toilet nearby, you’re liable to end up with water on the floor at some point, so it’s best to refrain from using carpet. Similarly, carpet can prove to be a poor choice in the kitchen, where food and spilled beverages are liable to find their way to the ground. Make sure you settle on the proper flooring material before you begin looking at your options. That said, here are our tips for the individual rooms of your home:

Kitchen Considerations

When it comes to your kitchen, you’ll have a lot of considerations to prioritize. Take a look around the room and assess your countertops, your lighting, the cabinetry, the appliances, and even the walls throughout the space. The goal here is to find a flooring solution that ties together all of those aesthetic components. For instance, if you have granite countertops, lacquered oak cabinets, stone tile walls, and retro, white appliances, then warm wooden flooring may serve best to finish off the natural aesthetic of the room. On the other hand, if you have clean, whitewashed cabinets, epoxy-finished concrete countertops, and modern, stainless steel appliances, then luxury tile may do the trick.

Still uncertain about how to start? Consider the “mood” of your kitchen. Do you have a kitchen that is highly clean and uniform? Then simple wood laminate or luxury vinyl tiles will work to continue the theme. You may even opt to install a light-colored wood floor that quietly lends its aesthetic to the overall look of the room.

Or, perhaps you have a kitchen that is warm and inviting. Consider installing warm, colorful wood floors that show off the character of your kitchen. Take a look at bold wood flooring, including maple planks, red oak, cherry, and other vibrant wood materials.

Bathroom Aesthetic

Next up, let’s take a look at the bathrooms of your home. Here, moisture is a serious concern, which is why carpet shouldn’t be installed. In addition, you probably don’t want to install wood flooring, since it is liable to wick moisture, which can lead to mold problems and cracked boards. Your best options are laminate flooring and vinyl tiles.

Again, it’s time to look around the room to assess its overall aesthetic. Take a keen look at the countertops, cabinetry, lighting, walls, and fixtures of the bathroom. If you have a highly sanitary-looking bathroom with white fixtures, tile walls, and simple, clean cabinets, then you can continue the theme with quiet, understated floors. You might opt for a modest vinyl tile that blends with the other elements of the room. Or, on the other hand, you could consider a dark laminate wood flooring to make the other components of your bathroom pop.

We still think it’s best to consider the mood of the bathroom, to best assess a flooring option that will match that mood. And if you’re still on the fence about the right flooring material, get ahold of some samples and place them in the corners of your spaces. Imagine how these flooring materials will look once they fill the entire space of a room. As always, you can always ask a flooring expert here at First Quality Interiors for their two cents — since we all have years of experience installing floors for happy homeowners.

Inviting Living Spaces

Now, let’s head to the living room, entertainment room, and bedrooms of your home. These rooms are unique in that you can truly use any flooring material, though tile is a less common choice. Oftentimes, folks opt to install carpet throughout these spaces, since the carpeting provides a contiguous aesthetic that flows from space to space. If you’re opting for carpet, consider the furniture throughout your home, as well as the colors of the walls and the character of other flooring that your carpet will butt up against. It’s usually best to refrain from using bold carpet colors for large spaces, and most modern homes have neutral-colored carpets that quietly lend themselves to accent other features of the home. Also, consider the wear and tear that your carpet will endure. If you have pets, kids, or frequent dinner parties, you may end up with the occasional stain or that worn-in look throughout your carpeted spaces. If that’s the case, consider textured carpeting, and refrain from using carpet that is pure white — stains, crumbs, and dander will prove to be an eyesore in these conditions. Instead, stick with tans, beiges, and grayscale colors, and consider a carpet that has shorter threads (which are less likely to wear out or collect dander, dirt, and crumbs).

If you’re opting for laminate or wood flooring throughout the living spaces of your house, then the aesthetic option are likely more expansive. Once again, assess the mood and character of your spaces, and start looking for a material that compliments and accents that mood. If your home has a modern style, then you might opt for sleek, simple laminate floors that can be topped with area rugs and any furniture that you fancy. Or, if your home is more of that natural “cabin-ey” style, with brick walls, a stone hearth, and exposed rafters, then wood floors will work to unify your space.

Just remember, these spaces are likely the bulk of the square footage of your home. So, it may be best to assess the aesthetics of these spaces first, before moving on to other rooms. In addition, you may want to keep your flooring rather simple, since the vast coverage of these floors will speak for themselves, regardless of how modest the floor is.

Utility Spaces

For utility spaces, it’s often best to stick to the least expensive, yet most durable materials. For instance, if you have a storage room that is home to heavy boxes, tools, and all the other stuff that you own that you just have to put somewhere, then you might consider vinyl tile or laminate flooring — these materials are affordable and it is unlikely that they will be damaged by dragging boxes over the surface. If you’re selecting a flooring material where you have your water heater or boiler, then it’s best to go with an option that is water-resistant — again, vinyl tile and laminate will perform well. In the utility spaces in your home, it makes sense to prioritize the utilization of the space before you settle on the aesthetic of a flooring material.

Still Can’t Decide?

If you’re still undecided about the best flooring solution for your home’s spaces, we understand — there are so many options! Take a look at our flooring selector to learn about some of our favorite options, or feel free to reach out to us with any questions that you may have. We’re here to help you make the most of your space, and we’d be happy to help guide you towards the right flooring solutions for your home.