Vinyl tile is an affordable, popular flooring option, and nowadays it’s available in a variety of luxury options. Our high-quality vinyl options are as beautiful as they are utilitarian — it makes sense why folks are choosing tile over other flooring options like carpet and hardwood. Now, let’s weigh the pros and cons of our vinyl tile so you can rest assured that you make the right choice for your next flooring project.

The Pros of Luxury Vinyl Tile

Luxury Grey Vinyl Tile Flooring Installation - First Quality Interiors CharlotteVinyl tile has no shortage of benefits — it’s durable, aesthetically pleasing, easy to clean, and, as we mentioned, highly affordable.

Durability: Vinyl tile floors are extremely durable. It’s very difficult to dent or scratch our luxury vinyl tiles. Plus, scuffs just wash off. If you do damage a tile, the damaged tile can be swapped out with a replacement.

Affordability: Vinyl tiles are simply less expensive than most traditional ceramic tile. Combine that with high durability, and you’ve got a flooring material that’s packed with value.

Aesthetics: Vinyl tile has changed in leaps and bounds. While old vinyl looked tacky, our current vinyl tile manufacturers produce products that are miles ahead of their predecessors. You can find tile in almost any style. Pick the best color and texture to suit the interior of your abode.

Ease of Cleaning: Since vinyl tile is nearly perfectly uniform and very smooth, it’s extremely easy to clean. Plus, you can use cleaning products that you wouldn’t want to use on a wood floor.

Variety: There are so many luxury vinyl tile options out there. Vinyl tile comes in a number of sizes, shapes, and patterns. You can select the ideal tile, ensuring that its perfectly suited to the rest of your home.

The Cons of Luxury Vinyl Tile

No flooring material is flawless. Vinyl tiles are liable to crack and chip under extreme pressure. Plus tiles can warp in humid environments or in places where the temperature changes rapidly, and that can leave your floor with gaps and loose tiles. That said, warping and damage are rare; our tile options are built to last for decades on end. When warping does occur, tiles can be replaced.

Tile cracking can occur, and it’s more common if the subfloor isn’t properly prepared. The subfloor should be completely uniform and flat, and it should be a solid material. Softer materials may lead to cracked tiles. It’s crucial for flooring contractors to properly prepare the subfloor to ensure that the tile will stand the test of time. Hire a professional flooring contractor to install your vinyl flooring.

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