1. Make the Most of Your Kitchen

    Tips for the Ultimate Kitchen Remodel

    If your kitchen is starting to look “retro” only because it hasn’t been updated in the last 30 years, then it may be time for a makeover. After all, this is the space where you spend the most time entertaining guests (not to mention cooking). So how can you make the most of your kitchen? Well,…Read More

  2. Tips for the Ultimate Bathroom Remodel

    Tips for the Ultimate Bathroom Remodel

    If you’re about to transform a bathroom in your home into a more modern, more comfortable space, then you have an unending litany of design choices ahead. Where do you get started? Well, since the possibilities are endless, we’ve cataloged a few design tips that you can employ to get started. An…Read More

  3. Carpet Care Tips

    Carpet Care Tips

    If you’ve just rolled out new carpet throughout your home, then you’re likely ecstatic at the look and feel of your new flooring. You may find yourself staring at your new carpet as you curl your toes into the soft fibers underfoot. Or you may find yourself rolling around on the carpet like your…Read More

  4. Tips to Match Your Flooring With Your Home

    Tips to Match Your Flooring With Your Home Interior

    If you’re looking for the best flooring aesthetic to match the interior of your home, you may be at a loss — after all, there are a handful of flooring materials to choose from, and there are thousands of designs available from flooring manufacturers around the globe. So where do you start? Well…Read More